Ils – 3 Pièces en Silicone pour V6 PT100 Aluminium Bloc 3D imprimante Partie Hot Fin

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Suitable For V6 PT100 Hot End Covers 3D printer part.
These cases will keep your nozzle clean and free of burnt on blackened plastic.
These also offer a huge boost in temperature stability, particularly if you use high airflow cooling around the nozzle to cool the print.
Made of a heat-resistant, non-stick silicone material our will repel build-up of molten plastic. This really helps with sticky materials like Co-Polyesters and filled materials that like to build up on nozzles.


Model: E3D-V6
Color: Blue
Material: Silica gel
Length: 24 mm
Width: 18 mm
Height: 15 mm
Fit For: V6 PT100 Aluminum Block
Quantity: 3 Pieces

Package Included:

3 x Silicone Case(Aluminum Block Not Included)